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)))((( is a new international art festival which on a September weekend focuses on thesignificance of visual culture, carpe diem-like moments and experiences. Art and culturewill fill the renewed Botania indoor and outdoor gardens on 21st–23rd September, 2018.

Opening Hours

• Friday 21st September at 5 pm–11 pm
• Saturday 22nd September at 5pm–11 pm
• Sunday 23rd September at 5pm–11pm

Kimmo Pohjonen performance at 9 pm–10pm on sunday.
Information point and ticket sales daily between 5 pm - 11 pm.


)))((( - Visual Festival ticket presale and from Botania during opening hours. Tickets can be bought also from GreenStar Hotel (Torikatu 16, Joensuu) in Joensuu citycenter. Tickets are sold during the event by the main gate ticket sales in Botania on 21st–23rd Sept between 5 pm– 11 pm. Festival area holds 3000 people at maximum per night, so reserve your tickets early.

Ticket prices

Fri 21 Sept 20 €
Sat 22 Sept 20 €
Sun 23 Sept 30 €

Child (5-16 y):
Fri 21 Sept 10 €
Sat 22 Sept 10 €
Sun 23 Sept 15 €


Venue address:
Heinäpurontie 70 / Botania

Route to the outdoor garden flows through Botania indoor garden. The route is guided and one-way.

Restaurant and bar area:
)))((( festival restaurant and bar area is located in the outdoor garden. The area is fencedout of the event area. Restaurant Botania within the Botania building sells only drinks during festival hours.


Light Painting workshop - Salama Visual
Friday and Saturday 8 pm in the Botania Garden

Light Painting is an inspiring experiment which creates impressive photos without editing skills. Professional photographer Johanna Kokkola guides you to this fun technic in Botania’s autumn evening. Light Painting or Drawing is a technic where the light source is moved to draw or create a design. The movement of the light is captured by the camera during a long exposure. You need a camera with manual controls (DSLR cameras an some of the pocket camera models) and a phone for a light source. Take also a tripod and a remote switch, if you own them. It is also possible to borrow a tripod. If you do not own a camera with manual controls, you could test the light painting technic on teacher’s camera or just come and draw with the light. Light Painting workshop takes about 0,5-1 hour, depending on the amount of the participants.

Salama Visual / Johanna Kokkola is a professional photographer specialising in portraits, nature and lifestyle photography in Eastern Finland. Salama Photography School offers courses for beginners to more experienced enthusiasts. Salama also trains companies and entrepreneurs in photographic issues as shooting staff photos or a product photography.
Photos and courses: (for now only in finnish)

 Bannock Bread Workshop / Karu Survival
Saturday ja Sunday 5 pm in the Botania Garden

Learn how to bake a delicious pannock bread on the open fire. You will be guided by Mikko Kettunen, the head instructor of Karu Survival. Families are welcome to participate too. All equipment and material required is provided. Bannock bread workshop takes approximately 1-1,5 hours.

Karu Survival is the leading company specialising in teaching bushcraft and survival skills in eastern Finland. Karu Survival helps its clients experience nature at its best, following the principles of sustainable development, and without damaging the environment.
Courses, expeditions and more info:

Art Terrace

Botania terrace holds a sales venue for North Carelian art. Artists present and sell their art themselves. Art Terrace is open during festival days at 5pm–11pm.

Artist in Art Terrace:
Painter Katja Kouvalainen
Visual Artist Laura Melkinen
Visual Artist Tom Noland
Visual Artist Miia Rosenius (Fri–Sat)
Visual Artist - Graphic Artist Pia Sinkkonen (Fri–Sat)
Joensuun Taiteilijaseura - the artist association in Joensuu Visual Artist Johanna Turunen

Festival partners

Joensuun Kaupunki
Suomen pyrotekniikka
GreenStar Hotel
Joen Loka


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