Jouni Väänänen & Emma Salokoski
Love Letters

Jouni "Psyke" Väänänen has half-accidentally stumbled surprisingly far into the world of graffiti after he started painting them in the mid-90s. Väänänen has soon worked for 10 years as a full-time professional graffiti artist, curated a graffiti exhibition in two art museums and worked as the artistic director of the Demolition Art Project's "House of Art" which became an exhibition hit in the summer of 2020. His artworks have also been displayed in LUX Helsinki (2018 & 2020), Kosmos Festival (2015-2019), Reflektor Korso (2019) and many other events. In the context of events, his works do not usually represent traditional graffiti, but move experimentally between it and light art installations. The forthcoming installation for the Visual Festival continues his #psykelove series. Since 2017 Väänänen has already made several dozen artworks containing the word "love" in eight countries - his goal is to act as a counter force for the hate that is rising globally by spreading the message of love as far and wide as possible. The plan for the installation in Joensuu is to take the series yet one step further by adding new audiovisual elements to it.